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The height of the mountains and the weather conditions of Chos Malal call for different national and international pilots to participate in the "Meeting of Gliding in Mountain Wave", which is carried forward from November 1 to mid December.

The city is prepared on that date to receive important drivers of different countries that have achieved world records in terrain flight, and who consider Chos Malal one of the most interesting places to test gliding.

The mountains surrounding the town on the northern of Neuquén allows the lovers of this sport to think of high altitude flights, as to experience flying the skies of the mountains, where the Patagonian wind and the landscape are the main protagonists of this adventure.

Tourists that, for the first time, visit places of Patagonia as Chos Malal are surprised by the beauty of the landscapes, the diversity of the hills, lakes, cliffs and mountains that accompany the journey of the roads.

Chos Malal manages to unite the high expectations of gliding enthusiasts, most of whom have lived this experience and described it as unforgettable and to the inhabitants of the city that open their doors to sports and tourism.

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