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Adventure tourism promotes outdoor activities and for this it is also called "active tourism". It tries to explore the places in full contact with nature and Patagonia Argentina is ideal because it offers different climates and geographies in each destination. From valleys to glaciers, through rivers, lakes and waterfalls, including the ocean with its sandy beaches and mountain ranges to enjoy a truly memorable trip.

For those who enjoy the outdoors but still do not dare to full adventure they can take floating, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking trails of low complexity. For those who dare a little more, Patagonia offers hiking, rafting, kayaking, climbing and other activities related to adventure sports.

raftingRafting in San Martín de los Andes. Photo courtesy of Ezequiel Scagnetti,


They consist of a river decrease in rafting type inflatable rafts helmed by a boatman guide, where the participants interact with the water using short oars. They aim at understanding the landscapes, the richness of the rivers, flora and fauna that surrounds them.

Horseback Riding

The whole mountain area is provided for horseback riding. You can make short walks or trips lasting several days.


It's the walking of uneven paths and terrains (usually mountain), suitable to be made on foot and by anyone willing to walk and see beautiful landscapes.

Moutain Biking

Making mountain biking is something that can not be denied to visit especially the mountains.

Rafting and Kayaking

Two activities that involve lots of adventure. Down rivers or surf the calm waters such as lakes and ponds are ideal activities for those looking to combine the thrill of speed with the observation of nature.

In the adventure tourism trips it is implicit to know places, people and culture of active and participatory manner.

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