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Whale watching in Puerto Pirámides See map

From Puerto Pirámides leave most of the boats that come to a few meters of these whales.

Ballena en PirámidesThe Southern Right Whale waving to the boat. Photo courtesy of A. Velez.

When you get one of these boats or rubber rafts, immediately striking the number of foreigners on board. This is because doing this one-hour-tour can be one of the most unique existence moments. The peninsula and the magic of the whales attract tourists from around the world and everyone wants to live the unforgettable experience of approaching one of them.

It is ideal to visit between September and December. At that time the number of whales is large and fast-watching possibilities is greater. But even at the end of December you may be lucky enough to find some specimen behind.

You leave from the small port. The boat is full of adventurers dressed in raincoats provided by the company for staying dry, above which all must wear the mandatory lifeboat. Everything is very organized so that you feel safe.

Avistaje de ballenas en PirámidesAlready dressed in raincoats and lifeboats tourist move in slow "procession" to the adventure that awaits, where they will portray the graces of the whales.

The boat goes up to where the whale is after sailing a time, usually no more than 15 minutes (the distance depends on the season). The captains exchange information and thou they know where the whales are every day.

Then they turn off the engine of the boat so as not to disturb them, and for a moment it seems to exist only nature. Right there at hand, rears their skin. And looking beyond, people see that the length of the whale surpasses that of the boat. It's awesome. Occasionally it emits a sound that accompanies the wind blowing in this part of the sea. And the sky and the cliffs in the distance frame this scene.

Avistaje de ballenasThe whale "poses" for tourists.

If tourist are lucky (and no one can guarantee that this will happen in our watching) the whale will jump, showing much of his huge body out of the water raising its mass in a so elegant gesture that seems to defy gravity, or it will raise its tail giving us the classical picture.

Sure, the clicks of cameras do not stop ringing, or comments astonished and the movement of passengers seeking the best place not to miss a detail. The captain and assistants attend to tourists, organizing the movement of people so that nobody is left without seeing and explaining.

Whale watching takes 45 minutes, that time is regulated to avoid disturbing the animals and maximize the number of people who can make the crossing each day. These minutes in the middle of the Gulf, will be unforgettable.

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