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Cholila is located northeast of the province of Chubut, on National Route 40 in the middle of the Andes.

The town of Cholila has the peculiarity of being made up of no less than four splendid valleys: the valley "El Cajon", the valley "El Rincón", the valley "El Blanco" and the valley "Villa Lago Rivadavia". 

The natural wealth of the same frame gives a green landscape and mountain climate that has as gold clasp the hospitality of its inhabitants so that the tourist feel the warmth it deserves.

cholilaThe surroundings of Cholila. Photo courtesy of Gobierno del Chubut

Cholila in Mapuche language means "beautiful valley" and it is named after the settlement that the early "Cholilakens" had in the place. It was colonized in the late nineteenth century by European and Syrian-Lebanese inmigrants, mostly developers of livestock production that continues to this day.

It belongs to the Department of Cushamen, founded on December 15, 1945, and its population is about 2,400 people.

Cholila, has cabins, campings and hostels to stay, as well as restaurants where you will be able to taste the flesh of the area.

Each locality is characterized by a party that pays homage to the main economic activity. In this case Cholila is known for its barbecue. Every year during the month of February, it makes the "Provincial Barbecue Festival" where you can taste the delicious Patagonian barbecue while enjoying the entertainment provided by the locals.

The adventure and the story accompany the locality. Here you can find the cabin of the famous outlaw Butch Cassidy, who 100 years ago chose this place to live being as architectural testimony in the Valley "El Blanco" the old house that today can be appreciated.

lugar butch cassidySite where the bandit Butch Cassidy lived. Photo courtesy of nestor galina

Other places that are part of the history of the place and you can see are the first school "Vicente Calderón" built in 1906, convenience stores, the flour mill and the old brewery Anzo, among others.

Rivers and lakes

In Cholila you can make many recreational activities, for example, going to spend the afternoon along Cholila river which is only 14 kilometers from the town. This river is one of the most beautiful in the Comarca and is the ideal place to enjoy the day, hike the slopes of the mountains accompanied by guides.

Lake Mosquito is another special place to get to know. This water is special for fishing, and the only one with free fishing method where visitors will find specimens such as trouts, rainbows and perchs.

It is located only 2,500 meters from the valley El Rincón on Provincial Route 15. You can enter by car from the campsite Carlos Pellegrini or from the center of the Rincón. This route can also be done walking, you have to reach Las Minas stream and pass a small wooden bridge. Then the visitor will hike about 500 meters and get a panoramic view of the valleys El Cajón and El Rincón, especially for its wonderful postcards.

The descent is through tiny little difficulty trails (used by locals and animals). The tourist during the tour will go deep into a grove of cypress trees and bushes to reach the shores of the lake where you can observe the flora and fauna, as well relax and enjoy this beautiful landscape.

You can also do activities such as climbing, mountain biking, fishing and kayaking on rivers, lakes, forests and mountains that the area offers. Or do agrotourism by the number of farms that are in the area and witness the field work.


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