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To know the history of this small town that is part of the 42 parallel, there are three proposals that can not be missed. 

Pintado Hill

cabaña-butch-cassidyMythical cabin of the American trio of bandits Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kids and Ethan Place.

It is located 8 kilometers from the Valley El Rincón. On this hill you can see the traces left by human occupation about 2000 years ago. The paintings that can be observed are generally geometric shapes and more complex shapes called "frets".

This tour must be made with a qualified guide by the tourism direction. Days and times are established in advance.

School N° 17

It is the first school in the mountains, so it was declared a national heritage. The school was founded on May 25, 1906 and it was built with mud and straw by residents of the town encouraged by Vicente Calderón, an example of commitment and patriotism that is still remembered in Cholila.

Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kids and Ethan Place Cabin 

Located 12 kilometers from "El Rincón" on the Provincial Route 71, this cottage was inhabited by a gang of Americans bandits who, persecuted in their country, emigrated to Cholila in 1902. In 1905 the band known as "Black Jack" stormed the bank of Comodoro Rivadavia taking 20 000 pesos and a few pounds but they were caught near Rio Pico after an intense firefight. The lives of these bandits was repeatedly represented in Hollywood films so the legend attracts many tourists who visit the cabin that was part of the story.

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