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In the town of El Sauce you can enjoy in March of the Provincial Corn and Humita Festival, with a wide range of activities including a challenge of tropilleros, a folk and rock performances by renowned in the field of national folklore. 


Following the idea of ​​a group of producers in the area in 1995 that decided to celebrate a year of work, effort and fighting against drought and winds that affect this region comes the Provincial Corn and Humita Festival. The site El Sauce is located 160 kilometers south of Neuquén, going along National Route 237 to the junction with Provincial Route 20, which passes Picún Leufú and after driving 22 kms of gravel you are up to the place.

This event is a popular celebration organized by a committee of neighbors and is sponsored by the local Development Commission, the Secretary of Tourism of the province and NeuquénTur S.E. among others in the province.

The event is on the athletic and cultural campus of the city that is packed for the occasion, by putting fences in the field of riders, refurbishing the stands and a municipal shelter was built to welcome the delegations involved. 

fiesta-chocloPoster of the Provincial Corn and Humita Festival in El Sauce.

The extensive program includes the performance of regional artists, the making of a tropilleros challenge, dances and popular dance. Besides you are able to enjoy and taste the typical foods such as humita, roasting and pies in more than 40 stands.

The big news for the 2011 edition was the completion of 13 horse races that gave extra value to tracicional party. And to close the festival was the traditional burning of corn and there were fireworks.

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