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Plottier Expo, the long-awaited festival of the city, takes place during the month of March at the Fairgrounds on Libertad Street, located on the edge of the railroad tracks.

The event is business and trade show held since 1996 without interruption and came up with the need to show the residents of the city and other towns Plottier's production.

Also add to the party stands selling food, artisans and performances of renowned artists who have paraded across the stage "Hugo del Carril", who like all the years, enjoyed  100 000 people attended the event.

The 2009 edition included a special program broadcast on Channel 10 of General Roca, the realization of the 1st Seven International of rugby and the draw of a car among those present.

Plottier Expo 2011

A varied repertoire of performers presented the traditional sixteenth edition of the Plottier Expo. The festival was held at the anniversary of the city, March 26, and ran from March 8 to 13, 2011. Visitors could tour the stands for free and admission charges for entertainment.

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