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The town of Valcheta is located in the southern region of the province of Río Negro. Surrounded by the landscape of steppe and desert climate, is considered an oasis of the south line because of its green vegetation compared to other destinations in the area.

Between the main destinations we find just a few kilometers away the Somuncurá Plateau, a natural rock formation of 25 000 km2. The place is suitable for hiking, horseback riding, climbing, and to discover the five senses nature in its purest form. In addition there are endemic species such as the naked minnow, a little fish flowing through the Valcheta creek and Somuncurá frog, which has a bright golden line along its back.

Another tourist spot is the Natural Monument Petrified Forest of Valcheta located 5 kilometers from the town, where begins the area of ​​farms, behind the railroad tracks. A walk of 30 to 40 minutes that will take the visitor to witness a great historical and natural treasure.

80 million years ago existed in the area dense forests, giant reptiles and a humid climate. Today, you can see the remains of those ancient forests that have become completely petrified forest through the process of solidification.

Different places in the department of Valcheta are a real attraction for its particular geography and sparse population offering the chance to stay in touch with nature. These may include Chanquen, Macachin, Chipauquil, Aguada Cecilio, Nahuel Niyeu, Tembrao, El Salado and Sierra Paileman.

Valcheta Regional Museum is one of the main attractions of the town. There you can find geological, paleontological, paleobotanical, archaeological and historical pieces nourish visitors about the history and wealth of the people.

The museum, located in the street Gobernador Pagano was created on October 5, 1978 and is one of the most comprehensive in the province of Río Negro. Among the paleontological pieces highlighting the Ammonites, turritelas, coprolites, dinosaur eggs and bones of the Cretaceous period, Milodon bones, glyptodonts shell, shark teeth, Ostrea, gastropods, imprints of fish and insects. Among the paleobotany pieces are cycads, palms and imprints of leaves, whereas in the lytic section there are a variety of tehuelches native objects and personal belongings of the first settlers among other things.

Finally, visitors can not miss the chance to visit Sofia Huinca Artisans Workshop, located at Julio A. Roca street. In the workshop you can meet the task performed by the artisans of the locality and the region that have a very important cultural value. There you can observed the work carried out which are mostly mattress made in Mapuche loom weavers, who keep intact the natural and primitive tissue. The workshop is open from 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 7pm.

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