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Along with Aluminé, Zapala makes part of the Pehuenia area in the center of the province of Neuquén. With more than 35,000 inhabitants, it is located 1012 meters high above sea level, on the intersection of National Routes 22 and 40, and the Provincial Route 13. Crosses that became it an obligatory stop for Andean places in the province of Neuquén.

Zapala is surrounded by a typical Patagonian steppe farme. It was born in 1913, when it became a station of the Del Sud Railway, now called General Roca. Today you can see how the growth of the city extended to the sides of the rails, leaving the village divided by the same: on one side the commercial area with old buildings and on the other a purely residential and most modern area.

Near Zapala are several aboriginal reservations. Moreover, from the city you can visit the Laguna Blanca National Park, taking the National Route 40 and leaving the airport behind, you take Route 46 leading to the park. This National Reserve was created in 1945 and was intended to preserve a large colony of waterbirds.

A visit to Professor Olsacher Museum is a very attractive walk. It is dedicated to mineralogy and geology, but it also exposes zoology and paleontology. The museum is located at Olascoaga 421 and Avenue San Martín, in the old part of the city of Zapala.

And without doubt, one of the great attractions and a city property is a famous cement factory.

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