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Allen is in the rich fruit area of the Upper Valley of Negro River, 25 kilometers from General Roca, 20 from Neuquén and 520 km from Viedma, the capital of Río Negro province. It currently has 25,000 inhabitants. 

AllenThe fountain is situated on the tour of the city.

This town was founded just 100 years after the Revolution of May, on May 25, 1910 by Patricio Piñeiro Sorondo.

It was the time when the railroad began to arrive and the first fruit plantations began to increase, while other cities were consolidating related to these events, such as General Roca and Cipolletti.

The name comes from the engineer Charles Allen, whose efforts helped to build the railway station in the city. Allen owned land in the area and created the Baron of Río Negro Winery, which is not currently running but it is in the process of doing it again. 

Currently, the main economic activity of the town is the fruit production. Each January, it pays tribute to the production and its people through the National Pear Festival. This event brings together hundreds of viistantes enjoying an exhibition of all phases of growing and harvesting of this fruit, as well as important regional and national level artist.

Those who come here or are passing through it can be make attractive activities like riding a bicycle, motorbike and walks through the fields or up the Negro River, where you can fish and sail.

Also in the city works the Concentrated Market of Fruits of the province.

For more information, please contact the Municipality of Allen to the phones (02941) 452502 / 452501

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