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From Cipolletti it is possible entering a remote world, warm, full of colors characteristic of the ancient land. Where the rivers Limay and Neuquen embraces there is the Cretaceous Park Tourist Corridor, a corner of Patagonia with high paleontological value.

The presence of fossils of dinosaurs provides the ideal framework among the rocks that left guessing red sandstone strata and clay. The wind and water in these latitudes did a wonderful job of sculpture, carving canyons looking mole.

The Cretaceous Park covers about 40% of the territory of the southern edge of Cipolletti, considered a protected area since 1996 to preserve the heritage formed by fossil flora and fauna of cretaceous origin.

Back to prehistory

Between the possibilities of the site visitors can choose to go to the Anfiteatro, located 75 kilometers from Cipolletti. This formation is a plateau in front setback by rain and wind erosion. It is composed of various canyons with walls more than 50 meters deep, where you can see the geological age of up to 100 million years ago, with remains of fish, turtles, crocodiles and, of course, dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous.

Five kilometers from the Anfiteatro is the Refuge Puesto Parada, ready to receive visitors with basic services. If you continue the road 7 kilometers, visitors can enjoy Puesto Carús a haven of petrified logs, perhaps pine, located in front of the plain. This feature is given by a process called silicified: replacement of timber trees for minerals in specific conditions of humidity.

The Anfiteatro has extended his appeal from an examination conducted in 2005, which fossil remains were found dating back 75 million years between the discovery of a new species of freshwater turtle. By analyzing the remains of his shell is estimated to have a weight of 40 kilograms and a length of 55 centimeters.

The materials found are being studied and you can find it at the Carlos Ameghino Museum in Cipolletti, located in Mengelle 2000. The Museum offers a library, two halls of paleontology and two of Patagonian fauna.

The circuit can be covered in half-day excursions that include hiking, horseback riding, biking and outputs with guides.

The three rivers

Another particularity of the Río Negro Upper Valley is the confluence of the rivers Limay and Neuquén to form Negro river. This natural spectacle can be seen from the Viewpoint of the Confluence. From there you perceive the islands covered with lush vegetation, perfect for watching the ducks, black-necked swans, Garcitas and songbirds.

At 700 meters from the original viewpoint is located a farm that cultivates his vineyards between the natural vegetation of the mountains, the creosote bush. Through hiking, group outings and tastings you can save this treasure in memory. It's a half-day tour and includes a total of 5 kilometers.

Alojamiento en Cipolletti

FotoDepartamento Departamento Carolina El Departamento Carolina se encuentra en Cipolletti y ofrece alojamiento con aire acondicionado y acceso a un jardín. Todosver másTel: Cipolletti

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