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We describe each of the techniques and healing properties of different waters and mud that has the Thermal Resort Copahue.


Sulfur water: disepsias. Hyperthermal, 66 ° C, medium mineralization, sulfate-sulfur, calcium, pH 6.7.

Vichy water: digestion. Mesothermal, 40 ° C, medium mineralization, bicarbonate, calcium-magnesium, PH 6.5.

Water Iron: anemia, energizing, and digestive water. Hyperthermal, 52 ° C, medium mineralization, ferruginous, acidic, bicarbonate, magnesium-calcium, pH 6.5. Anions: bicarbonate 537.4 mg / l, sulfate 28.4 mg / l, chloride 7.8 mg / l. CCationes: Iron 4.2 mg / l, clacio 69.9 mg / l, potassium 25.7 mg / l, sodium 34.5 mg / l, magnesium 64.8 mg / l.

Mate Water: potable. Hyperthermal, 67 ° C, weak mineralization, acidic, bicarbonate, calcium-sodium, pH 6.7.

Volcano water: it originates in the lake in the crater of the Copahue volcano. Its waters from rain and snow, are heated by volcanic gases rising through cracks in the chimney of the crater, while charging of minerals. Hypothermic, acid sulfate, aluminous, ferruginous, complex acid-free, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide weak, strong and hypertonic mineralization. For the high acidity (pH less than 1) and the high content of sulfate anions possessing, it is possible to infer that the volcano water corresponds to a solution of HSO 0.47 (aprox.N / 2). Contains a high amount of elemental sulfur suspended as microcrystals monocyclic.

Lemon Water: laxative. Hyperthermal, 62 ° C, medium mineralization, sulfate, acid, silicate, sodium, calcium, pH 2.1.

Copahue Mud

  • Hot: gray mud. Form the muddy floor of Lake Sulfurosa.
  • Lead-gray mud: is in the bottom of the Laguna del Chancho.
  • Dark gray mud: acid clay of the Laguna Verde.

Laguna del Chancho: considered the best bath in Copahue. Combining hydrotherapy techniques (20 minutes immersion) with mudtherapy (personal application) and exposure to the sun. The lagoon waters is composed of sulfated water and organic mud highly mineralized with biological activity. Its temperature varies depending on the weather between 30 and 33 º C. PH 2.5. It envisions a future of water heating system and roof of the lagoon to use it on windy and cold days.

Laguna Verde: is caused by the accumulation of surface water on thermal manifestations (fumaroles) that give temperature and mineralization. This medium allows the development of thermophilic algae responsible for its color and properties.

This lake is mainly recommended in skin diseases (acne, psoriasis) and as physical therapy, relaxing and stress. The waters of this lake are of acid reaction (pH 2.5) and its temperature is 25 º C. For 15 minutes you can enjoy a bath and relax.

Synthesis of general purpose of water and mud:

  • Chronic rheumatic diseases: sulfur water, gray mud.
  • Skin diseases: green water, gray mud, volcano water
  • Contractions and tensions: ferruginous water, water hidropulsor green and / or sulfur water
  • chronic respiratory diseases: ferruginous water, steam.

In the Copahue thermal resort there are natural expressions of vapors that are used successfully in the treatment of asthma, allergies and general respiratory diseases.

Alojamiento en Copahue

FotoCabaña Aliko Departamentos y cabañas muy confortables, totalmente equipadas para satisfacer sus necesidades. A 150 metros delver másTel: +54 299 443-8692Copahue

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