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In summer as in winter, El Chocón offers a wide range of excursions with the possibility of knowing the profound nature of the place.

There are various packages exclusively prepared for visitors. The first proposes to know the Basic Circuit that includes a tour of the village, the opportunity to close see the dinosaur footprints and watch the Hydroelectric Complex. This tour can be done every day, from 8 to 19 hours, lasting an hour and a half. 

paisaje-el-choconThe fabulous landscape of El Chocón.

The second option is to explore the interior of Escondido Canyon. This is a particular place, with 2500 meters long and 80 meters deep. There you can see the different layers of sediment that make up this formation, traces of different types of dinosaurs and a variety of geological and paleontological attractions. This tour lasts approximately two hours and you can do it any day from 8 to 19.

The third circuit in the village is to venture up the cliff "El Gigante" and enjoy an hour of view of steep rock formations dyed red and ocher. Moving in different outputs are held at the private vehicle of the person or group that hires the trip.

Other treasures of El Chocón are guarded by the the walls of the Paleontology Museum Ernesto Bachmann. There, from 9 until 19 hours you can observe the original remains of Giganotosaurus Carolinii, and other paleontological, geological, archaeological and historical place attractions, with the guidance of experts.

Villa El Chocón has grown in a way that allows it to receive tourists (about 200,000 a year) with various services of accommodation, restaurants and shops which extend their hours during the high winter season.

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Giant's land Villa El Chocón is known for the "Valley of the Dinosaurs", declared a national historic site in 1997. Here were made important discoveries that stands between the largest carnivorous dinosaur of all time.
El Chocón Hydroelectric Complex The hydroelectric plant of El Chocón is located at the northern end of the artificial lake Exequiel Ramos Mexía. The dam was built for the purpose of flood control of rivers, reduce the effects of prolonged downspouts, increase the areas under irrigation and generate electricity.
Lake Ramos Mexía of El Chocón The artificial lake Exequiel Ramos Mexía is the largest in Argentina, there it can be practiced fishing as well as various water sports like boating.
Aldo Beroisa: an artist dedicated to bringing us the dinosaurs Aldo Beroisa is a cartoonist and sculptor of El Chocón that is responsible for making the models and drawings of dinosaurs from the local museum.
Rubén Carolini, the discoverer of the largest carnivorous dinosaur Ruben Carolini, a paleontologist by adoption, was who discovered the largest carnivorous dinosaur of the world in El Chocón.
Villa El Chocón Museum The Paleontological Museum of El Chocón has the fossil remains of the largest carnivorous dinosaur in the world.
Escondido Canyon in El Chocón 3 kilometers from El Chocón it is the Escondido Canyon, a canyon where you can learn more about the past in these lands and that inside it you can see dinosaur footprints in different positions.
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