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The beaches of El Cóndor offer a perfect setting for extreme sports, including watersports and the wind. One example is the Kite, a practice around which is performed the National Meeting of Kitesurf.

kitesurf en ViedmaThey reach speeds of up to 80 km/h and give breaks to ten meters high and fifty long.

The seaside town "El Cóndor", just 30 kilometers from the capital of Río Negro, is one of their usual training and fun in the water. For four days in April the city became the seat of the National Meeting of Kitesurf called "El Cóndor Vuela"

This resort has various types of beaches where you can find everything from sand dunes to large expanses of sand and cliffs. The beach is open and has very fine sand, the sea is pleasantly warm and it is an ideal setting for water sports. In this area there is a settlement of more than 121 species of seabirds, coastal and inland, where there is also a colony of burrowing parrots.

In El Cóndor can be flat water or waves up to 2 meters, depending on the direction of the wind. The kite is a navigation sport that combines surfing with paragliding which allows jumps up to ten meters high and fifty long, and reach speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Is the use of a traction kite, which is subject to the Athlete by ropes, and they attached to the body by a harness, allowing the water slide with a table designed for this purpose.

On the beaches that are at the mouth of Negro River and the central sector of the resort allow the winds to be navigable. When on the main beach blows from land (northwest), you can surf on the waterfront known as El Pescadero. 

kitesurf en viedmaLarge turnout are observed at the meetings of kite every year in the long beaches.

In the long beaches of El Cóndor is possible:

  • Water sports: windsurfing and surfing.
  • Wind sports: kitesurfing, sand yachting and kitebuggy.
  • Equestrian sports: horseback riding.
  • Beach sports: shuffleboard, volleyball, rugby, soccer, among others. 
  • Fishing from coast: in demarcated areas. 

In the meeting safety workshops are held and, in addition to free navigation, two buoys racing are made, among other things. The organization is in charge of the El Cóndor Kitesurf School, who with experience in the development of this event have generated a confidence among the participants who see an opportunity to meet sport and exchange and camaraderie. The massive turnout serves to promote this maritime point as one of the best of Argentina for kitesurfing and all the other disciplines as kitebuggy wind, windsurfing and sand yachting. 

El Cóndor Vuela 2011

April 21 to 24, coinciding with Easter, El Cóndor made a new edition of the Meeting of Kite "El Cóndor Vuela". For this sixth edition was over the 300 registered in 2010 and there was a barbecue where it was done the delivery of more than 150 awards, kites, tables, accessories, and so on. Four days of wind and fun to enjoy a real holiday in the resort of Viedma.

For more information, contact Marcelo Ruiz:

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