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The resort El Cóndor, Viedma dependent Township, held every summer the Sea and Camper Festival in the month of January. The event is a way to inaugurate the summer season and pay tribute to the main economic resource of the place: the sea.

Thousands of residents and tourists come to the coast of El Cóndor to celebrate and enjoy the activities proposed by the municipality. An extensive program of a week containing sports and cultural activities and the so expected musical performances.

In 2011 the festival began on Friday January 14 with a recital of "Estelares" and the election of the queen. Also on Sunday, January 30th the marathon "Run of the Sea and the Camper" was held, which ended the summer sports activities. Furthermore, within the framework of summer concerts outdoors organized by the city of Viedma were presented the Bahiano and singer Marcela Moreno, as part of the of the Patagones-Viedma, that has swimming competitions in open waters and the choice of River Queen.

From the town it was announced that all events scheduled for the summer have free access so that all residents and tourists to enjoy.


The Sea and Camper Festival has its origins in early twentieth century when the inhabitants of the area conducted animated kermess with phonographs during the summer.

Years later, between 40's and 50's, it was taken out a party at the resort called "Opening Festival" when the summer began. In the same met local authorities, neighbors and the bishop to bless the waters and seeking shade tents were assembled, which competed for the prize for best tent.

Over the years, it was called the Sea and Camper Festival at the initiative of residents in the 60's. At first the feast lasted a week, it was full of tents and large events were done with very important figures in the show. But today, despite having become a party of national interest, it has not the same importance of the past as it lasts a weekend and there are not more campers.

It was declared of municipal interest in 1991 and of national interest in January 2007, a bill introduced by National Representative Fernando Chironi.

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