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The city of El Maitén has a proper place to enjoy the snow. Is on the West Moutain Range at 2050 meters above sea level on the slopes of Cerro Azul. There the Club Andino El Maitén conducts Mountain Activity Center Cerro Azul.

The slopes of Cerro Azul has a slight slope to allow easy ascent to the summit, where you can find permanent snow and a spectacular panoramic view of El Maitén and its surroundings. To get here you must go to Buenos Aires Chico.

The ski center has two pistes of 400 and 600 meters in length, protected by thick forest. In the best winters skiing may be performed up to November and snow in some basins is preserved well into the summer.

The Club Andino "El Maitén" was formed in 1955 and since then has been laying a foundation for the development of the region: the sports-tourist exploitation of Cerro Azul. On the site there is a mountain refuge and lifts that let you enjoy alpine skiing or Nordic skiing in winter.

But over the winter, the ongoing activity. In the hill you can hike, horseback riding, observing flora and fauna, mountain biking and climbing to enjoy the magnificence of this mountain range.

Furthermore, in autumn it is said that "lengas bleed" for its distinctive reddish color, which added to the ochres, yellows and greens of the season provide an unforgettable natural spectacle.

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