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This town in the Andean Region of Parallel 42 is proposing various tourist sites to learn about the history and culture of the place, which is located in a valley carved by the erosion of glaciers and traversed by the Chubut river.

In the urban area of ​​town we can appreciate the growth and history of this mountainous town. To begin the journey you can go to the modern Power Plant and appreciate this piece of engineering. 

Then continue by small farms and the school village Buenos Aires Chico, walking the streets of the city can learn a lot about life and customs of the moutain range of Chubut. 

El Maitén is also a knot of traffic distribution in the region, which converge there two national routes (ex-40 and 243) and two provincial (the 4 and 70, recently paved). This adds an extra tour to the town having to pass that way to other destinations in Patagonia. 

There are also several memorials of the origin and local idiosyncrasies, such as the Railroad Workers Memorial, located at the intersection of San Martín Avenue and the railroad tracks. And a bike path over 5 km linking El Maitén with the School Village Buenos Aires Chico. 

Recreation places:

  • Square of the Immigrants. Located in the heart of the town and was inaugurated on December 22, 2005. Inside is a lighted water fountain next to a landscaped area with trees and games for children.
  • Square Héroes de Malvinas “Pedro Torres”.  It is between Columbus and Lavalle streets, on Avenida Belgrano. It was inaugurated on April 2, 1988 and in 2007 opened the monument to the fighters fallen in Malvinas highlighting the soldier "Pedro Torres" disappeared in the sinking of the Belgrano.
  • Square Padre Urbano Salort. It is the most attracts the attention of visitors with its lush vegetation and colorful in the fall, and summer is the ideal place for recreation. It was inaugurated in October 2002 and is located between the streets 28 de Julio and Guemes.
    At its center is the monument to Father Urbano Salort, one of the first priests to arrive in the town, which was responsible for the evangelization and education in the then Institute Fray Luis Beltrán, current secondary school No. 726.

Finally, El Maitén invites you to tour the Railroad Museum, inaugurated on August 29, 2004 on the occasion of the celebrations of Day of Railway, where you will find the history of the construction of the branch linking Ingeniero Jacobacci with Esquel. From stories of the characters, costumes, old street lamps to a railway slut, among other things. And Workshops Rail Station located in the Old Patagonian Express. There are performed general repairs of locomotives and wagons with machinery and tools unique in that they are made by hand all those items that are not produced in the industry. For this reason, it is known to the staff of the workshops as "Train Artisans".

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