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Epuyén is located northwest of the province of Chubut and is one of the members of the Andean Comarca of Parallel 42, a group of towns and places of two provinces in the mountain range in the comarca. 

Antiguo Molino, EpuyénThe Old Mill in Epuyén.

Epuyen is a small town surrounded by valleys, plateaus and plains up to 700 meters. The valleys are watered by beautiful streams and brooks that slip through forests of cypress, coihues and maitenes among other species.

Productive activity turns mainly to agriculture and livestock in addition to making delicious homemade sweets. Options that are more attractive are sport fishing in lake Epuyén and hiking the slopes of Pirque Hill.

Epuyén is a good place to get some rest. It has an inn on the lake shore, campsites, lodges and cabins.

Among the tours and visits that can be made is the Old Flour Mill, a place that no one should miss. There you have the ability to see the process of making flour, almost artisanal, with wheat harvested in the area.

In the Puerto Bonito Municipal Park, you can enjoy the lake Epuyén full extent, as well as hiking or enjoy regional delicacies in the confectionery of the city, where craftsmen work surprised by the quality of their products.

In the circuit of La Rinconada, you can find the conjunction of beautiful landscapes, and Mapuche families, bringing the full richness of their culture, while by the circuit of La Mina stream, there is variety of productive fields, finding the remains of what was the old coal mine.

Other activities include agrotourism in several establishments in the city, sport fishing in the lake Epuyén, or the practice of photography from Coihue hill with panoramic views of the Valley Epuyén, then you access to the lagoon Chulta or Mercedes, before moving to El Maitén.


Epuyén is 28 kilometers from El Hoyo, who come from there, from the north they find the city at the end of a steep climb. There are two dirt roads that look out onto Route 258, the left comes from El Maitén (30 km) and the right leads to Epuyén.

The first of them has a descent into the valley that is very steep and with sharp turns. The second way is a few kilometers further and allows you to enter the valley on the paved road that diverts the same route 258, with large and clear signs.


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