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The town of Huingan-Có offers you five circuits with guided tours of the city and its surroundings, where you will discover extraordinary landscapes and natural beauty.

Route 1 - Huingan-Có center

In this way you will visit the sights in the city as municipal Regional Candy Factory, where you can taste and appreciate the preparation of candys, the Craft Cabin "El Ciprés", and woodcraft "Ruca Malen", where there is an exhibition and sale of handicrafts in wood, local and regional.

Also you will pass by the Museum Puesto Pedro Olave, containing different elements used by ancient people, the Popular Library "La Corona", the Provincial Nursery, where you can see the seedlings production process, the Museum of the Tree and Wood, which contains cypress sliced ​​rings of 1200, considered the oldest in America, and petrified logs among other things, and the Viewpoints San Pedro, ideal for doing a photographic safari by the panoramic view that the place offers. 

Route 2

In this time the visits are completed with a city guide that will take tourists to La Cruz Hill, to observe from its summit an excellent view of Huingan-Có, the forests and Los Huemules stream.

In addition, you will pass by the Homemade Candy Factory "La Petty" and by Trapiche Don Candia where interpretive talks of the process of extracting gold and the experiences of the miner are done.

Route 3 - Corona Hill

From the town it is intended to undertake a trek or ride uphill to lake Huingan-Co and Corona Hill of about 2992 m, which has the highest peak in the Cordillera del Viento. From the top you can see the immensity of the Mines Department and it is also an excellent place to do a photo safari.

Route 4

On this occasion, you will take the road to Charra Ruca and tour the panoramic view from El Monolito. Then you will continue journey to visit the Mining Museum, located on the right bank of Rahueco creek; the Cañada Molina, a provincial natural monument, preserving the indigenous flora and especially the ancient cypress trees oldest in America; Colo Michi Co, a protected archaeological area with more than 600 Pre-Hispanic engraving stones and the Camping Manuel Molina, who has a natural lake and various services.

You will also pass through the Fish Farm and Grill "Las Piedritas" located on the left bank of El Manzano stream at 7 km from Huingan-Co. There you can observe the production and breeding of rainbow trouts specimens, as well as taste the chivito at the spit, roquefort trouts and many other typical dishes of the area.

Finally the route will take the tourists to the Usina del Manzano, built in the 40s by a private company that work until the 60s. It was later recovered and put into operation by the provincial government in 1976 until 1982 when it began supplying El Chocón. On the site you will see a tufa quarry used in the work as First Aid Room, School N° 76 and the Church.

Route 5 - Visit to Butalón Norte (guided tour on horseback, bicycle and truck)

The last walk offers you a visit to Butalón Norte, through the Mallines of Charra Ruca, a settlement of the first civil authority of Neuquén, and the cascade Cañada de Felix, ideal for photo safari.

Also in this itinerary you will do cavalgates to ancient petroglyphs rock art in Co Colo Michi, a protected archaeological area contains more than 600 stones with pre-Hispanic engravings, to "El Portezuelo", which has a beautiful view of Pellín oak trees, and to a typical summer home where you will enjoy a goat of the northern Neuquén.

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