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For the more adventurous and explorers, Huingan-Có offers guided excursions to sights of the place that require more effort and the road is not as simple as the others.

Among the places to visit with a guide it highlights Corona Hill, which has a rise of about 2992 meters, that requires about five hours of walking at a brisk pace to the summit.

To reach the place where the tour starts you have to take the road into the woods. You will arrive at the gate industry, where it is the trail to the summit.

During the walk you can enjoy the incredible scenery that surrounds the Cordillera del Viento, and at few meters from the top is a beautiful lake surrounded by eternal snow patches where Huinganco stream comes from. Once at the top of the hill there is a panoramic view of the place that covers lakes, rivers, landscapes and the imposing Andes mountain range.

Another guided tour is the Monument Cañada Molina, which is accessed by the Provincial Route 39, 7 km from the town of Huingan-Co at 1600 masl.

The area has an area of ​​approximately 50 hectares and it is a place designed to protect the relics of cypress trees of about 1200 years old.

Finally we found petroglyphs of Colo Michi Có, which are an unique place across Patagonia and South America because of being one of the most important large and old rock art sites.

The place is located by traveling along Provincial Route 39, which leads to spot Butalón Norte and connects to the town of Varvarco. The site of petroglyphs is at 1890 masl and consists of 600 blocks engraved on percussion with characters from multiple motives, which according to studies were conducted around the year 500 AC and have a religious character.

For all these excursions we recommend the ascent or tour with an expert guide on the subject, due to the complication of the trails or the difficulty of reaching as in the case of the petroglyphs.

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