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Like since 26 years ago Ingeniero Jacobacci celebrated the Provincial Michay Festival that has as novelty of this edition that it had four days of celebration. From March, 10 to 13 2011 the jacobaccinos and tourists that were in town could enjoy music, dance and humor for everyone.

michayThe fruit of the michay is used in making sweets and syrups.

The festival aims to showcase the work of local artisans and producers and it also serves to show the benefits of the fruit of michay, bittersweet fruit used for desserts, syrups, and so on.

The first night was dedicated to rock and bands of the genre as La Mancha de Rolando and Los Pericos acted, a night for the young. In the second night local and regional artists acted and it had the presentation of Duo Coplanacu. In the third the Flor del Michay and its bud were chosen and also performed Paz Martinez, an artist of great renown. The evening was dedicated to the Latin genre. In the last night there was a big dance with the presentation of popular cumbia group Amar Azul.

As part of the celebrations there were also a food court and sale of local products. There were balloons for artisans. The main stage was located outdoors and two giant screens were placed for anyone not to miss anything.

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