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The town of Lamarque is known in the Patagonia for being the capital of the tomato, to which it it payed homage in the month of March by the National Tomato and Production Festival. But for a couple of years, it also is conducting a very interesting event, it is the International Fried Cake Festival.

tortas fritasThe fried cakes are among the preferred option of the Argentines when accompany the mates, much more on those rainy afternoons.

With the objective of achieving a better link between the people of various ethnics of the neighborhoods of Lamarque, stimulating creativity, family, ethnic and popular traditions, and achieving the exchange between producers and consumers was born this festivity in the town.

The intention is to show the work done by the Expression and Community Participation Centers and while residents and tourists can learn about the different ways in the preparation of fried cake according to the region the cooks come from.

Therefore, besides the Competition itself, visitors can tour the various festival booths displaying and showing products and, of course, taste them. Interested persons can set up their stalls in a free way (outside competition) as they are samples related to those themes of the completion of objects or products of craftsmanship, or merely particular sale.

The Expression and Community Participation Center (Ce.Par.C.) Barrio Belgrano will give to participants on behalf of the local municipality, the inputs for the preparation: 

  • One (1) kilo of wheat flour type 0000
  • One hundred (100) grams of yeast virgin
  • One (1) kilo of beef fat first juice

The chefs are the ones who provide the "secret ingredient" that distinguishes it from other competitors, and also they must wear jackets or apron and hat suitable for the work, as well as disposable gloves for use in such service opportunity evaluation and tasting.

The event is a unique opportunity to enjoy with family and friends a good afternoon, tasting the best fried cakes accompanied by some good mates. Not to be missed, calendar date of the next edition.

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