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The Playas Doradas resort offers visitors the opportunity not only to enjoy warm waters and fine sand, but the alternative of endless recreation and touristic activities. That is, an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun.

Among the proposed activities are Patagonia Tours in a 4x4 Dodge truck M-601 equipped for 12 people and a guide who will lead the walk, who is one of the first settlers of the area and that for more than 45 years he runs through every corner of the the Salado Creek. 

Playas DoradasEnjoying the sea and warm waters of Playas Doradas. Photo courtesy of Caroline Peña.

The tour lasts 6 hours and leave 2 hours before high tide on the slope north of the resort. The tour wades the stream and passes through virtually untouched areas of loose sand and stones, which require maximum performance of the vehicle.

After an hour's drive you reach Punta Pozos, a particular place with lakes of sandy bottoms and shallow ideal for swimming, where it is done a stop to visit the site.

According to the time of year is likely to see whales, dolphins or sea lions in the waters and several species of seabirds. The guide will explain the life cycle of these as well as the tidal cycle, the technique of pulping and he will display the collected shellfish species.

Then the journey continues to the miniature golf where you will observe different types of stone blocks and the beauty of the seabed. And finally you come to a virgin beach of fine golden sand ideal for swimming.

Other possibilities include diving thanks to transparency, temperature, quiet and the abundant fish stocks of the sea that allow to navigate through the coastal zone and dive for the seabed. There you can see native marine wildlife and unique places such as "Restingas Cercanas", the wreck "Santa Cecilia" or the pier "Punta Colorada" accompanied by an instructor.

Also you can practice rappelling in the rock formations surrounding Sierra Grande along 6 km from north to south and that allow to stop from the top (450 yards from the sea level) throughout the town of Sierra Grande and surrounding areas. This sport involves descending a rock more or less vertically from a height of 12 to 15 meters. While the climbing is about climbing a rock nearly vertical, of about 15 meters high, secured by a harness and a rope controlled by a monitor. The participant will learn climbing technique, terminology, equipment and use.

You can also make Kite Surfing or Sandboarding at the mouth of Salado Creek, because for the large natural lagoon 2 km in diameter, which keeps the waters calm it facilitates the practice of kite surfing for beginners, while the dunes known as "the pots" are ideal for sandboarding.

And we can not forget one of the most developed activity on the site, which is fishing. The same occurs at the end of the beach Las Casitas where it is the complex Punta Colorada, the place of Prefecture, the Dock, the Pier and the Pelletizing Plant. Places that have enormous cultural, historical and industrial content as well as being home to many fishing tournaments and spearfishing. The most common species that can be found are grouper, silverside, dogfish, salmon and octopus.

From the coast there are species such as silverside, sea bass, grouper, mullet, toothy, and if you opt for boat fishing you can indulge with salmon, sea bream, rooster fish, dogfish and sharks.

The rocky areas of Playas Doradas (La Isla, Los Suecos) are ideal for Pulping. At low tide, the rocks are exposed allowing hunting octopuses. It is extremely important to maintain the original position of the stones after you lift it in search of octopus, as if the stones are moved around, the octopus does not return.

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FotoComplejo Complejo Tresoles Emplazado a 600 metros de la playa y a 500 metros del centro del balneario. ver másTel: Playas Doradas

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