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Virgin Beaches

Around the Port of San Antonio Este, on one side of the path, you can find endless, "completely virgin" and wild beaches. In them you can appreciate the native flora and fauna and enjoy the extensive intertidal zone (over 200 meters) as a cause of the tidal range, uniqueness of the beaches of the Patagonia.

Its particular shells coast continues in golden sand beaches, untouched and natural, that merge into a clear and calm sea. So "La Conchilla", as well as "La Bomba" and "El Molino" respond to these features, giving the opportunity of gather bivalve molluscs. On the contrary, "La Baliza" is completely different, here is a large area of ​​restinga, where you can collect octopus and mussels, in addition to spot marine birds.

Colony of Sea Lions

Video gentileza del Municipio de San Antonio Oeste.

Located on Punta Villarino about 3000 meters from the port area, it consists of otaridos, seals or sea lions of a hair, mostly males, who use it to relax and sunbathe.

Groups are about 30 or 40 lions, lying on the beach or sandbar that emerges at low tide, which bears the name "Banco Lobos" for this particular custom of these individuals to come together on it.

These lovely animals feed from fish that enter the bay and that you can see them after the shoals a few meters away from the coast. 

The overseas port: "A door to the world"

Located on the northern edge of Punta Villarino, it is one of the busiest centers of southern Argentina. The location of the port into a major deep pot, which communicates with the San Matías Gulf, offers the possibility of robbery of large vessels (up to 45 feets), securing a large area of ​​maneuver.

Its comparative advantages over other ports in the country: lower operating costs, faster (specializes in palletized loads, shortening load times) and basically is the port with better geographic and climatic conditions in the coast of Patagonia in Argentina, thus offering shelter from the winds and extremely calm and transparent waters due to the almost complete stability of the funds.  

For the same, take out over 80% of the fruit and vegetable production in the valleys of Río Negro and Neuquén, as well as the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan, Tucumán and south of the province of Buenos Aires.

About 90% of export volume is made from pears and apples, the vast majority of the Upper Valley of Río Negro and Neuquén, and its products, juice concentrates, pulps and aroma. The remaining 10% consists of: grape, peach, plum, lemon, nectarine, garlic and onion. The main destinations are Belgium, Holland, USA, Italy, Russia, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, England and others.

Alojamiento en San Antonio Oeste

FotoDepartamento Departamentos Premier Consta de 1 dormitorio, cocina totalmente equipada y un baño. ver másTel: San Antonio Oeste

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