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Lake Fagnano is 100 kilometers from Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, and near Tolhuin, a small town on the island. It is one of the largest in the world and its waters are divided between two countries, Argentina and Chile.

On the shores of the lake you can find cabins, hostels and camping to stay and enjoy the various activities proposed. The most important is  sport fishing for rainbow trout from shore or by boat. You can also go hiking, horseback riding, biking or ATV. Another activity you can do is bird watching through which you can see native species such as petrels, albatrosses and geese.

The ones of the tribe Selkman, called it Lake Khami (break of the horizon) as the line formed by the mountains on the horizon is interrupted by the lake. Its current name is after the Catholic priest José Fagnano that was the first apostolic administrator of the southern Patagonia.

From Ushuaia you reach the lake through the National Route No. 3, are 36 kilometers of pavement and 64 on gravel.

lago-fagnanoSunset in Lake Fagnano, Tolhuin. Photo of photo album

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Tourist Information of Tolhuin Those who visit Tolhuin may develop different outdoor activities such as river fishing, boat fishing on the lake, horseback riding, biking, dog sledding, recreation activities, and more which are arranged in various ventures that provide adequate services.
History of Tolhuin Tolhuin was founded on October 9, 1972 by Territorial Law N° 31. At that time Alejandro Agustín Lanusse was the president, Gregorio Lloret was the governor and Néstor Nogar was the mayor of Río Grande.
Circuits from Tolhuin From Tolhuin you can do several excursions in which you can go horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking among other activities.
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