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At any time of year the city of Tolhuin offers excellent options to enjoy the scenery and the contact with nature that can be performed outdoors such as fishing in rivers and lakes, horseback riding and trekking among others.

laguna negra, tierra del fuegoVista de la Laguna Negra. Foto gentileza de morrissey.

The options in Tolhuin proposed you to enjoy Tierra del Fuego through visits to various natural paradises. Among them are the hourseback riding to the lake Negra, located 5 km from the lake Fagnano at the foot of the Michi hill. The lake owes its name to the dark color of its waters, they are clean and pure but come from areas of peat.

The tour begins at the headwaters of Lake Fagnano and rides along the same leaving behind the Lake Varela and approaching the isthmus positioning north the Lake Negra. Moreover, the path takes you through lenga and ñires forests, go through a few brooks and ravines, go around beaver dams and can sometimes be spotted black-necked swans, and beavers. After a rest we start the return along the same path, adding a total travel distance of 10 km and nearly 3 hours and a half.

The Hourseback Ride to Paso Bridges is another ride that can be done with half a degree of complexity. This runs along the old road that crosses the Andes mountain range joining the Harberton farm, located on the north shore of the Beagle Canal, with Viamonte farm located 45 km. South of Río Grande on a journey of 2 days and a night that runs 47 km.

lago-fagnanoLake Fagnano. Photo courtesy of Emilia Rivera. 

The route starts about 10 km. southeast of the headwaters of Lake Fagnano, near the lake Aguas Blancas. Upon reaching the imposing Spion Cop hill  the beggining of crossing the mountains through narrow passages between rocky areas is announced, reaching the highest point at 790 meters above sea level from where starts the decline observing the Beagle Canal between hills and forests and finally get to the Harberton farm.

For the more adventurous, in the town of Tolhuin can also go mountain biking through trails that vary their distances between 4 and 6 km. They are located around the Jeujupen hill, crossing brooks and beaver dams, bogs are sighted and ends on the shores of Laguna de Aguas Blancas.

Those who love sport fishing from Tolhiun will find three beautiful lakes where you can practice this sport.

The first is the Lake Fagnano, located near the town and 90 km (36 km paved road and 64 km gravel) of Ushuaia, where fishing for rainbow trout is one of the most important activities that are practiced there.

The second is Lake Yehuin, ideal for fly fishing, is within the Provincial Reserve "Heart of the Island", 60 km from Tolhuin and 160 km from Ushuaia, through National Route No. 3 and then Complementary Route 18.

And the third is Lake Escondido 60 km north of Ushuaia (36 km paved, 24 km gravel), which is nestled in the mountain range at the foot of Paso Garibaldi.

condorCondors watching from Shenolsh hill.

These lakes are also good places for hiking where you can appreciate catching scenery in the end of the world, surrounded by lenga forests, or enjoy a wonderful view of the abrupt change that occurs between the steep plains and mountains near Lake Yehuin.

Finally, the city offers you the option of watching condors from the Shenolsh hill within the Provincial Reserve "Heart of the Island", near Lake Yehuin. There you can spot huge amounts of condors thanks to the existence of a feedlot at the top that makes these birds frequented it. Tourists can reach the top in 4x4 vehicles, hiking or riding.

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Tourist Information of Tolhuin Those who visit Tolhuin may develop different outdoor activities such as river fishing, boat fishing on the lake, horseback riding, biking, dog sledding, recreation activities, and more which are arranged in various ventures that provide adequate services.
History of Tolhuin Tolhuin was founded on October 9, 1972 by Territorial Law N° 31. At that time Alejandro Agustín Lanusse was the president, Gregorio Lloret was the governor and Néstor Nogar was the mayor of Río Grande.
Lake Fagnano Lake Fagnano is 100 kilometers from Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, and near Tolhuin, a small town on the island. It is one of the largest in the world and its waters are divided between two countries, Argentina and Chile.
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