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Valcheta: the oasis of the South Line See map

Valcheta City is part of the Río Negro south line of which is devoted primarily to livestock. Its proximity to the Somuncurá Plateau and the petrified forest make it a privileged tourist destination.

arroyo valchetaValcheta stream that goes through the city.

Located on National Route N° 23, Valcheta can be reached from the east (Sierra Grande, Puerto Madryn, Las Grutas, Viedma) must travel on National Route No. 3 and then the junction with Route No. 23. If you come from the West (Bariloche, El Bolson) is reached along National Route No. 23. As if coming from North (Upper Valley, Middle Valley) is accessed by the PR No. 4 and from the South (Cona Niyeu) Provincial Secondary Route No. 60. Also, you can reach the town on the railroad linking Bariloche with Viedma.

Different meanings have been given the name of the city, but the most credible is that given by Professor Rodolfo Casamiquela who defines the word as tehuelche word. It means "Balcheta, in which fills" which if applied to the village stream running through it, "stream that is filled", which is also alluding to the great floods that made the river overflow and flood their valley.

Population data and climate

The climate in the area is cold temperate with little rainfall, 200 mm per year, where the average summer temperature is 35 º C and in winter -15 ° C skim, averaging 3 º C. Account with 4,847 inhabitants according to 2010 census and is the largest city coming from the Patagonian coast.

The town of Valcheta is one of the oldest in the province and the population is engaged in farming and ranching. The geographical features make it an oasis in the desert, as the stream on which allows agricultural production lies in an area dominated by xerophytic vegetation.

Attractions in Valcheta

Museo ValchetaValcheta museum.

Valcheta offers a lot of places and activities to be done. From visiting the vast and unique Somuncurá plateau as the petrified forest and all the beautiful places that surround the town, where visitors can experience the incomparable feeling of contact with nature. In addition, you can not miss the Provincial Museum and the Craft workshop with various local products.

Another point of interest in the place are the festivals. There is perform the National Matra and Crafts Festival, which since 1985 takes place nationally the third weekend of June. Master craftsmen and weavers show visitors to the community and tradition in wood carving sculptures amazing and beautiful tapestries woven on looms. And the Provincial Shearing Championship participating shearers across the province to show their work to all the people.

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