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Located on the shores of Lake Traful, this town was born around 1937 with the aim of providing tourist facilities. Because the properties are within a National Park, there are strict rules that residents must follow in order to protect the environment and preserving the wild look of the area. Target has been accomplished, as you breathe nature in Traful.

villa-trafulPolice station in Villa Traful. Photo courtesy of Perez Pertino family.

To access the villa there are two ways. If transiting the National Route 237 (towards Bariloche) up to confluence (of rivers Limay and Traful) should take right onto Provincial Route 65 (of gravel). We go through the river valley and after about 35 km you arrive to Traful.

The other way is from the Seven Lakes Route (NR 234). If you drive this route from south to north (up from Villa La Angostura) 40 km to the right shows the junction of Provincial Highway No. 65. For this route, through dense forests and beautiful landscapes, you arrive at Villa Traful after about 20 kilometers. This path is difficult in winter, but is usually a good choice in summer.

Traful is a quiet, nice and sparsely populated town (no more than 500 permanent inhabitants) with wood and stone houses scattered across the hillside. Near the pier is the service sector with the ranger house, police station, first aid room, service station, mail and various stores.


The area, apart from the large number of tourists is one of the last enclaves where nature remains untouched. The villa is immersed in beautiful, lush and undisturbed forests that offer the spectacle of the magnificence of the Patagonian Andes, which is also seen in the path.

Known nationally and internationally for its fishing wealth, this area has been strong in fishing because, among other things, the planting of landlocked salmon introduced from the U.S. (Salmo salar Sebago). January is usually the busiest month of fishing, so reservations are recommended to make a booking.

You can also go hiking and horseback riding. There are lodges and cabins of different levels and good camping sites for free for those who prefer to live in nature.

Lake Traful

Is 70 square kilometers and is located on a glacial valley running east to west. It is an elongated lake whose shores vary widely: in some areas are cliffs (including the balcony) and a few kilometers away are beautiful beaches to enjoy the cool waters of the lake or camping.

The entire lake is surrounded by towering peaks, often snow-covered and leafy forests. The coasts have many places to fish with fly-casting mode or you can fish from boats.

lago-trafulView of lake Traful from the road. Photo courtesy of Perez Pertino family.

Useful adresses

Development Commission - Tourism Direction. Telefax: (02944) 479020
Police station. Phone: (02944) 479040

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