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Negro and Monje Hills See map

Round trip journey: 10 kilometers
Type: Walking
Level of expertise: physical fitness is required
Special recommendation: take meal and water

The trail starts after traveling 200 meters down the street that opens in front of the Villa Traful recreational field. The starting point there is a small indicator of the rise between the forest of cypress and coihues.

At 1500 meters begins to travel through the foothills, which in its lower part leading to the famous "nose". The path continues winding between stunted and small ñires with spectacular views of Lake Traful.

You reach the base of the cliffs of Negro Hill, the soil is mostly composed of the mass of material drag the top (stone and sand).

You can go around the towers of the Negro Hill on the left to reach the upper area of approximately 1900 meters, where a monolith is located and go down to the right to get to Monje.

Due to its height, the view is important on clear days. The first plane corresponds to the lake Traful in its entirety, to the Andes with its chain of volcanoes and even ice cap of Lanín volcano.

It is a demanding hike, fro young people or adults with physical fitness and requires a full day to enjoy it. The return can be done by the ascent trail or choose to go down the Coa Co creek and Pampa de los Alamos.

cerro-negroView of the Negro Hill.

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