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Traful: famous among fishermen See map

Because of the waters of the springs, rivers, streams and lakes in the area are limpid, cool and good oxygenation, intelligent planting of exotic species has resulted in a significant fish population with large fish that gave renowned national and international to the city.

Traful river


The Traful river starts at Lake of the same name and emptied into the Limay River in the area called Confluence. Today, the confluence is gone and the river flows into the reservoir Collón Curá that has flooded the area of ​​the confluence as well as much of the Limay river in this area.

The Traful river valley is between high mountains where the vegetation is transitional with cypress forests that are not well developed.

This river is a fishing paradise where you can get specimens of salmon, rainbow trout and brown.

Lake Traful

It's a large lake with transparent water and good oxygenation. Its irregular coasts have cliffs on one side and beautiful beaches on the other. You can fish from boats, from shore or also access the north bank. You can obtained species such as landlocked salmon (Salmo salar Savage), rainbow trout, brook and brown.

Brazo Norte or "Pichi Traful"

This arm of the Lake Traful has a  long and narrow form and is located northwest of the main body of the lake, which is accessible by the water or by the Provincial Route 65 and National 234. Upon reaching the area is a park ranger station where you can ask for information about places where stay overnight or camping.

In this arm of Lake Traful flows Pichi Traful River bringing oxygenated and freezing water. Excellent for fly fishing. In its mouth you can observe wide beaches where you can camp.

This place is ideal to experience the charm of sport fishing for trout and salmon (trolling, casting and fly casting) and to navigate the lake in different places, especially at the mouths of streams, where they are the best fishes. Returning them is mandatory, since the fish fauna was significantly diminished in recent years.

Useful adresses

Development Commission - Tourism Direction Phone-Fax: (02944) 479020
Police station. Phone: (02944) 479040

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