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Pehuenia: the land of the Araucaria See map

Pehuenia is the name assigned to the area where the Pehuén (Araucaria araucana) displays its dominance. Located in central-western province of Neuquen, the region extends from the north shore of the lakes Aluminé and Moquehue north to the mountains located north of Lake Queñi south and from Primeros Pinos and the mountains of Catán Lil east, bordered to the west with the Andes.

Aluminé, Zona PehueniaThe landscape is full of pehuenes.


This sector of the province of Neuquén is of great landscape value because of its valleys, forests and lake basins. Major cities are Villa Pehuenia (the tourist heart of the area), Aluminé and Zapala. The first two are linked by gravel provincial roads, generally well maintained, allowing to approach the various points of interest.

The region has a pleasant climate with average temperatures between 15 º and 20 º C in summer and in winter is not that extreme. The humid winds off the Pacific have access to this green and fertile area, generally humid with high rainfall to the west (on the mountains) where they thrive ñire forests, lenga, coihue, cedar, oak, cypress, maitén and radal. Its beautiful landscapes treasured places where camping is permitted and also has organized camping sites distributed in splendid landscapes.

Aluminé, pescaFishing in the Pehuenia Zone.

The area is traversed from north to south by the River Alumine and has many lakes of great beauty with Oxygenated clear waters in which abound the rainbow trout, brook trout and brown to the delight of anglers, particularly fly casting lovers (see fishing article).

On the river you can take rafting excursions or kayaking. It can also be down with a motorboat.

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