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Things to do in Caleta Olivia

El gran atractivo de Caleta Olivia es su costa, por la cual se pueden realizar caminatas o paseos en bicicleta.

El balneario municipal ofrece la posibilidad de disfrutar del sol y de realizar actividades náuticas como la pesca costera.

A 10 kilómetros de la ciudad se encuentra la Lobería Punta Sur en Puerto Caleta Paula, un apostadero de lobos marinos de un pelo de una importante población que se puede visitar en cualquier época del año.


Caleta Olivia: oil city Caleta Olivia, near the border with Chubut, is almost the gateway to the province of Santa Cruz and an area of ​​unmatched beauty.
El Gorosito: oil national symbol The city of Caleta Olivia has a monument to the oil workers "El Gorosito", which actually stands for the oil monument in our country.
Places to go: coastal road The city of Caleta Olivia offers tourists a lot of activities and places to know in its territory and its surroundings, where you can learn about the history, geography and fauna of the locality.
Caleta Olivia, historic circuit Caleta Olivia proposes to go through a circuit along the old historic neighborhoods and homes of the early settlers to learn more about its history.
Festivals in Caleta Olivia Various cultural and sports activities are conducted in the city of Caleta Olivia throughout the year. Here are the main events taking place in the town.
Patagonian Worker Festival In Caleta Olivia it is done a special celebration to honor all workers. It is the Worker Festival that brings together artists and artisans throughout the region.
Provincial Reserve Caleta Olivia An important colony of sea lions is in the Gulf San Jorge, just 10 km from Caleta Olivia. Because of the danger of extinction of this species, it was declared a Nature Reserve to the place where they live, as a way to preserve the species and ensure a not invasive tourism.

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