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The southern town of Caleta Olivia has scheduled several cultural and tourist activities throughout the year. There are numerous opportunities to celebrate in the city surrounded by the local color, music, artists and other cultural events.

The calendar begins the second weekend of February with Caletense Carnival, a festival of two days with all the colorful floats, street bands, processions, individual costumes and choice of carnival queen. Then you can enjoy the Patagonian Labor National Festival the second weekend of May. In this event you will see dance and singing of different customs and provincial and national musical styles.

In winter, Winter Expo is experienced when carrying out craft exhibitions, concerts and theater, among others, to celebrate the season begins. The festival takes place the second week of July and has provincial recognition. Also in July the Foreign Communities Festival is organized where local identity is expressed with representations of the culture and traditions of other nations such as Chile, Spain, Brazil and parts of Africa, among others.

Spring comes with several activities to enjoy the outdoors. The first event is the International Puppet Festival in September. This time simultaneous shows are organized in the schools of Caleta Olivia and other cities of the province, as well as parades with street musicians. The importance of the event is the participation of countries like Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Spain at times.

In November three festivals take place, all linked to the anniversary of Caleta Olivia, on November 20. This is one of the central events in the city, where people of the region enjoy the musical shows of local and national artists for three days. The Provinces Festival, takes place a few weeks before or after the anniversary and it is a cultural exhibition in the presence of the northwestern provinces and Patagonia. Finally, and also linked to the anniversary, Tourism Expo takes place, an event organized by the local official tourism agency. The main objective of this event is to show the citizens and tourists about the towns of Santa Cruz and other Patagonian provinces.

The holiday calendar ends in December with the opening of the tourist season, when the event takes place known as "The most southern summer" for a day with water sports and coastal walks. The season finale is also in late February with outdoor activities.

Schedule of Events

  • February: Caletense Carnival
  • May: Patagonian Labor National Festival
  • July: Winter Expo
  • September: INternational Puppet Festival
  • November:
    • Provinces Festival
    • Tourism Festival
    • Caleta Olivia Anniversary (20 de noviembre)
  • December: Opening of tourist season 

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