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Cipolletti was founded on October 3, 1903 by the then Colonel Fernandez Oro, with the intention of establishing a fort at the confluence of the rivers Limay and Neuquén. He gave the name Colonia Lucinda, and later, in 1909 was named Cipolletti because so was called the railway station operating in the city since 1904.

It is named after hydraulic engineer César Cipolletti who studied water in the area and in Mendoza. Research by the engineer led to the irrigation system that now supports the production of the entire Río Negro Valley.

The city began with an initial settlement around the workshop railway halt and, growing up to become a major center for the local productive structure (fruit). It currently has 75,000 inhabitants.

Rivers and routes converge in the city, making it a necessary step to move into the area and promoting its economic strength and growth. Hotels and restaurants has a very good level, and an important tourist movement within the offered of tours through the packing sheds, cider factories and historical museums.

Jordán island is 8 km from the city, is the major recreation center where you can also camp. Crossing the river by raft reached the south bank of Negro River where is the resort Playaventura, and from there you can visit Las Perlas, a community of about 800 people, depending on the municipality of Cipolletti, doing about 10 km along the coast of the river.


The confluence of the Limay and Neuquén rivers creates islands with abundant vegetation that are home to numerous species of ducks, black-necked swans, Garcitas and other songbirds.

At this point, the alluvial valley reaches a width of approximately 7 kilometers with curtains of poplars that protect fruit crops irrigated by a canal system.

Negro and Limay rivers occupy a geological fault lying on the south bank. That's why the valley is more development to the north, where is located the city of Cipolletti of 75,000 inhabitants, and further west is Neuquén, with more than 250,000.

Alojamiento en Cipolletti

FotoDepartamento Departamento Argibay El departamento Argibay es un alojamiento con wi fi gratis, y vistas a la ciudad situado en Cipolletti. Este alojamientover másTel: Cipolletti

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