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The Hot Springs of Copahue: relaxation and healing See map

In Patagonia, and in the world, the term Copahue means hot springs, volcano, resting, snow ...

This is because Copahue is one of the most important spa centers in Argentina, at the same time, is among the best in the world. The therapeutic value of hot springs resort make Copahue part of the health tourism.

Laguna-verde-copahueLake Verde, Copahue. Photo courtesy of Malena Leopoldo from photo album

Copahue is reached after traveling 19 km from Caviahue along Provincial Route No. 26 and is 388 km approximately from Neuquén capital city and 1582 km from Buenos Aires.

Copahue has it name from its location as it lies at the foot of the Copahue volcano, a mountain about 2925 meters of altitude above sea level. In native Mapuche language means "sulfur" or "rite associated with the cure", as the mapuche community awarded the spiritual powers of the volcano, using its water to maintain health and alleviate certain ailments.

The villa is totally devoid of vegetation and remains buried under several feet of snow in winter. People from all over the world visit the spa to treat rheumatic problems, skin diseases and / or respiratory disease. Or simply visit it to find rest in these waters with many healing properties.

Technically, one can say that the baths have melt water of the surface or subsurface that acquire their physical or chemical properties due to gaseous emissions and products of chemical transformation of substrate, so that load of salts and gases, thus acquiring the characteristic temperature .

Termas-copahueCopahue hot springs. Photo courtesy of Olga from photo album

The thermal resources used are mud, algae, steam, hot springs and lakes, which are applied in different customized programs for prevention and health.

The main active thermal areas are: Copahue, Las Máquinas, the lake in the crater of Copahue volcano, Las Maquinitas and the Amphitheatre. The latter occupies a glacial pot whose bottom is at 1900 meters altitude near Copahue volcano (2925 meters).

The thermal treatments are carried out with prior medical indication in the former bathrooms or in the modern balneotherapy center, with capacity of 2500 daily baths, allows tourists to enjoy the convenience of treatment, while combined with kinesiology, cosmetology or sauna among other services that allow you to benefit your health in pleasant surroundings.

The outdoor thermal baths correspond to the lakes "Del Chancho" and "Verde", which is named after the color of water. There are also in constantly flowing fountains and springs of water to drink, which by its thermal properties and uses are called: "De Vichy," "Sulfur", "Lemon" and "Mate".

In Copahue spa treatments can be developed specifically for musculoskeletal diseases, skin and respiratory tract, using various techniques such as crenotherapy, blaneotherapy and steam, mudtherapy, mineral water intake, physical therapy, rest, heliotherapy, climatetherapy and baths.

Between baths and relaxation, Copahue also hides places that worth visiting, including the trek to the lake and the volcano crater.

In Copahue the climate is dry, high mountain with high winds and atmospheric pressure fluctuations. Presents sudden changes in temperature and, even in summer, snowfall can register, although the heaviest snow will occur from April to October.

Alojamiento en Copahue

FotoCabaña Aliko Departamentos y cabañas muy confortables, totalmente equipadas para satisfacer sus necesidades. A 150 metros delver másTel: +54 299 443-8692Copahue

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