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Geothermal well, Las Mellizas, Las Máquinas and Las Maquinitas See map

The northwestern sector of the Park between the volcano, Las Máquinas and Copahue is a geothermal field that is estimated, has a commercial interest reservoir of approximately 1,000 hectares.

The temperature in the reservoir is above 150 degrees Celsius, allowing its use for energy production and use direct heat such as heating.

You can visit, just 3 km from Copahue, the geothermal pilot plant and lakes "Las Mellizas" of freshwater.

Following this route, a kilometer later, you get to Las Máquinas. It occupies a depression that has a natural sulfur water lagoon with many breathers and vents.

Las Maquinitas is located southeast of Copahue. 500 meters should be made by the Provincial Route No. 26 and then to 1.5 km take the turn to the left. From there walk along the old road to Los Pinos to the hot springs, which are small pots with abundant vents and fumaroles of singular power. It is the only active thermal area in pristine condition, however there are some unstable constructions made ​​by the visitors themselves.

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