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Like every year El Bolsón anxiously wait for March to celebrate their party: the National Hops Festival because the city is renowned for its production of beer in different varieties.

Fiesta Lúpulo

The event is held in the grounds of the airport of the city with performances by local and national artists in stage Violeta del Agua, sports, the choice of queen, a walk through the fair and regional products exhibition, among many other things that organizers prepare to entertain visitors and tourists.

The Hops National Festival is the most important celebration of the city and was born in honor of the "lupuleros", who each February harvest their production. Hops are the main raw material used in making beer with malt, water and yeast, and provides its characteristic bitterness.

Lúpulo, El BolsónHops image before it's ready to harvest.

During the festival, which has free admission, you can see, in addition to the shows and activities, craft beer stands and typical foods, all ideal to enjoy a nice bolson's beer that characterizes the city.

The beginnings of beer in the region

According to legend, was the German Otto Tipp who brought the first bulbs of hops to the area and used for the manufacture of craft beer. Seeing as hop gardens grew profusely in the region, many locals began to cultivate for market from 1957.

Currently there are plantations all over the region and many factories of craft homebrewing, born in recent years and are recognized nationally.

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