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The Comarcampo is a rural and industrial exhibition that seeks to combine forces between two provinces and has the presence of industries, institutions and small and medium producers in the area displaying their products and services.

Comarcampo El BolsónCattle in COMARCAMPO.

Various forms of agricultural producers in western Chubut Province (Esquel, Cholila, El Maitén, Epuyén, Lago Puelo, El Hoyo, Cushamen, etc.) and the southern province of Rio Negro (El Bolsón, El Manso, Foyel , Cuesta del Ternero, Ñorquinco, Rio Chico, Bariloche, Jacobacci, etc.) are present every year.

In order to promote the development and advancement of livestock, agriculture, land production and related industries is launched this Expo (Rural and Industrial Exposition of the Andean Region), which is a place to promote regional agricultural development, looking for increased production, use and consumption of products and fruits in the area.

They seek, among other things, that men find a containment to promote the improvement of living standards and the preservation of land and natural resources.

Other objectives are relate to the development of technologies for rural activities, with closer links with existing agricultural institutions and promote the teaching of science related to agriculture and livestock.

Comarcampo, El BolsónFarm animals in COMARCAMPO.

Comarcampo Expo offers the following services:

  • Restaurant
  • Canteen
  • Medical Emergency
  • Security
  • Mobile
  • Fax
  • Space for recitals
  • Children's games
  • Food
  • Craft beer
  • Parking

As in any comprehensive exhibition can count on the presentation of farm machinery and animals. Thus cattle, sheep and goats in the region are present, as well as factories involved tractors, chain saws and weeders, business suits for the family of the field, Australian tanks, irrigation systems, gates and backhoe to perform channel. Another great attraction of the event are demonstrations with new shearing machines.

Contacts to the phone (02944) 483731 and 15304949

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