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El Faro. In this resort is the first lighthouse in Patagonia, inaugurated by the Governor of Río Negro, Lorenzo Vinter general in 1887. It is up on the birth of the cliffs that characterize the coast of Patagonia and its height above sea level is 45.62 meters. With a structure of thirteen meters, the tower is built on an octagonal body containing lamps whose action is visible over 25 kilometers away. 

el condorThe extensive beaches and cliffs are characteristic of El Cóndor. Photo courtesy of Julio Schw.




Ceferino Viewpoint. For devotees of Ceferino Namuncura, this hermitage located at the beginning of the cliffs is a monument and a chapel, where you can observe both the seaside town as the river at its mouth and part of its journey. 

El Pescadero. Walking through 8 Street to the mouth of Negro River in the Atlantic Ocean, at three kilometers is this important site for fishermen and for those who enjoy water sports. With three hundred meters of coastline lit, is an area suitable for boat fishing and from shore, where you may obtain species such as sea bass, whiting, silverside and flounder. It has a grocery and a woodland shelter that serves as camping. 

Los Pozones. This area in front of the lighthouse is an extension of rocks covered with mussels, where the high tide causes the fish to come to eat, and once produced low tide, fishermen can venture into the capture of different specimens. The beaches surrounding the lighthouse are suitable for different activities and are preferred by swimmers, especially for the protection afforded by the cliffs and the proximity to water.

Bonita Beach. Located 15 kilometers from El Cóndor on Provincial Route 1, accessing an esplanade on the cliff. The white sand beach has a natural breakwater to which you can enter through the gateway, where you can fish with excellent results.

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