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This community of the North of Neuquén offers you options for all the attractions and geographical features worthy of note for their beauty.

Within the city there are two proposals. On one side is the Local Amphitheater, which has a beach area and circular stone steps for a capacity of approximately 500 individuals. The same is located on El Cerezo street and has a panoramic view.

On the other hand you can appreciate the Provincial Nursery Huingan-Có, created on September 27, 1968 at the initiative of Don Figueroa with a group of neighbors and provincial authorities, which is located at Avenue Temistocle Figueroa. The forestry development objectives of the nursery were: 

  • The need to create jobs.
  • The slope protection at sites characterized by being abrupt and no accessibility.

Today, the nursery is considered the most important of Patagonia, it preserves native plant production in the area as huinganes, cypress, maitenes and produces 4 million pines annually that are destined for provincial forest plans.

Among the options that this town proposes are also the viewpoint of San Pedro Hill, of height of 1600 m, which is accessed by Los Eucaliptos street. During the ascent path you will observe a reservoir of water for irrigation of the nursery provincial, a pen built with local stone used by ancient local crianceros and an old lookout in a forested place with pine called "white beard", which previously was used by crianceros to see their animals.  

Once at the viewpoint of the hill, located at a site called "La Herradura", you can see:

  • Neuquén River, 
  • the town of Andacollo,
  • the way to Las Ovejas and the one going to Los Miches, 
  • the Cordillera del Viento, 
  • Huingan-Có community,
  • the Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, patron of the town. 

Another place to meet is La Cruz Hill, that from its top you can see an excellent overview of the town, forests and Los Huemules stream. In the place there is a sculpture of a Christ carved in wood that looks at the town.

You also have to roads to the Usina del Manzano, built in the 40s by a private company that stopped working in 60s, and which was recovered and put into operation by the province in 1976. The plant gave it the power supply to Huingan-Có, Andacollo and Las Ovejas until 1982, the year in that began the supply from El Chocón.

Finally you can know the Cañada de Felix cascade, a natural waterfall on the way to Butalón Norte.

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