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Piedra del Aguila is a small town of about 5000 inhabitants which lies southeast of the province of Neuquén and it is a necessary step to large resorts as Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes

piedra-talladaCarving "Indian Mother and Child"

It began as a passing and rest place for travelers, but now people want to convert Piedra del Aguila another option for tourism to exploit its natural beauty. It also has the infrastructure of hotels, restaurants and services necessary to provide good service to tourists.

The town is bordered by a red rock formation in which one can see the carving "The Indian mother and child" and "The Indian Head". These carvings were made during the 70s.

Limay River and Piedra del Aguila Reservoir are ideal for fishing in its various forms: fly fishing, light spinning and shipped. 


The name of the town is because of on arrival of General Villegas during the Desert Campaign, he saw on the rock cliffs that there was a eagles stop and he saw an eagle perched on a rock and decided to throw it with his Remington. At leaving they realized that they had forgotten some of their baggage at this place that they decided to baptize as Piedra del Aguila.

escudoPiedra del Águila Shield

In 1898, it became a strategic area as rear of the troops who were in the area of ​​Junin and San Martin de los Andes. As these regions had been recently integrated into the national territory, the aim was to secure the internal order and the sovereignty of the region.


Municipal Museum

In the museum you can observe objects related to the history of the city, the human occupation of the Americas, the remains of animals found to carry out the construction in the area. It also has a sample of stamp, photographs and coins collection.

Kumelkayen Spa

5 km from Piedra del Aguila it is this crystal clear waters resort that was built in order to be exploited by tourism as it provides recreational offerings such as sport fishing, water sports like skiing, windsurfing, rowing, and diving.

Hydroelectric Dam Piedra del Aguila

One of the largest dams in Patagonia. Around this work there are places to visit on foot or by mountain bike, canoe rides and good fishing.


From the south and the north you can get to Piedra del Águila by National Route 237. It is located 1482 kilometers from Buenos Aires and 235 kilometers from the city of Neuquén.

vista-piedra-del-aguilaView of Piedra del Águila from one of the mountains of stone.

Souerce and photos: Municipality of Piedra del Águila

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