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5 km from Piedra del Aguila it is Kumelkayen spa, located on the shores of the peri lake. A crystal clear waters waterfront with more than 250 meters lighting and landscaped. An ideal place for rest and relaxation.

The spa offers many services such as bathrooms with public showers, a cafe, tourist information office, a camping with grills, parking and boat care. You can also do cultural and sports activities in a beach area built exclusively for this purpose. Popular events have their place in a creole bonfire and the outdoor amphitheater is suitable for all types of events. Later it will also have a hotel on the lake that is currently under construction.

The recreational offerings to enjoy with the family are varied, among them are sport fishing, water sports like water skiing, windsurfing, rowing, and diving. Fishing is allowed year-round and you can capture native species such as smallmouth basses, Patagonian silversides, torrent catfishes and little mothers of water.


Source and photos: Municipality of Piedra del Águila

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