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Barely 32 km from Sierra Grande it is the resort Playas Doradas. This striking coast highlights of other beautiful coastal beaches of the San Matías Gulf due to its sand mixed with quartz and crushed shell, which gives unique shines and give rise to the name of the place. 

Playas DoradasThe famous beaches stretch for nearly 3 km.

To access the beach you have to use the road of Provincial Route 3 and then the deviation from Sierra Grande to Provincial Route 5, gravel due east.

In the long coastline of 3000 meters long, you can do numerous activities. For those who enjoy fishing, you can get a variety of species ranging from silverside to shark, passing by the bass, sole, mullet, grouper, mackerel, sea bream and salmon.

An interesting option is to take advantage of the tranquility of the mouth of the creek Salado, which is a clear gap at high tides and a bank of mussels and crabs at low tide. In addition, in the ends of these beaches there are rock formations that give tourists the chance to see sea urchins, octopus and starfish from a place of privilege.

The traditional water activities are also present. To swimming, boating, sailing and windsurfing, diving joins. The waters of Playas Doradas provide a visibility of up to 20 meters allowing you to enjoy the rich flora and fauna.

For those looking to explore other places, Playas Doradas is the ideal starting point, since this resort is part of a series of beaches which include beach Bonita, beach Los Suecos, Punta Hornos, Las Casitas, the pier at Punta Colorada, the Penguin and Puerto Lobos, site from which you can do whale watching.

Among the many tours, guided activities to De los Pájaros Island and Lobos islet highlights.

calles playas doradasOn the left the main street of Playas Doradas and on the right, the waterfront.

The usual climate in Playas Doradas is dry with little cloud cover and an important influence of sea breezes. The average summer temperature is 20 degrees, with peaks of 39 °C.

The development of the tourist village in recent years has turned Playas Doradas in a highly prepared place to receive visitors, offering hotels, campings, villas, restaurants and specialists in water sports.

Also in the city

When the beach is not an option, the city of Sierra Grande offers throughout the year an interesting variety of activities, within which highlights the mining tourism. In this sense, it is possible to make a "Journey to the Center of the Earth" on a trip to the iron mine. For this, the tourist is prepared with appropriate clothing that allows him/her to walk three kilometers of tunnels and descend to 70 meters deep. This journey ends with a visit to the Mining Museum.

A second alternative is to approach the Somuncurá Plateau through photographic safaris. There you can register unique rock formations, springs, fauna, cave paintings and rock carvings made by the original inhabitants.

For lovers of mountain sports, Sierra Grande invites tourists with activities like trekking, rappelling, mountain biking, paragliding and horseback riding in the beautiful hills reaching 450 meters above sea level.

Alojamiento en Playas Doradas

FotoCasa La Lucía Completamente equipada. Living, comedor, parrilla, wi fi, Direct TV, entrada vehicular, ropa de cama. ver másTel: +542920446982Playas Doradas

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