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In February 2000 the paleontologist Rodolfo Coria and the Canadian Phil Currie found in the place Las Cortaderas, at 15 kilometers from Plaza Huincul, a group of carnivorous dinosaur fossils, all from the same species and comparable in size and type to the Giganoto although with some peculiarities. The key of the discovery is precisely the word "group".

Until now, large carnivores appeared to be "lone wolves," sullen beings in search of angel preys without a serious chance to socialize with others of their species. In Las Cortaderas instead it was found a group of 7 animals, which rejects the idea of ​​"lone wolf". It was possible to established that they are copies of various eras and four stages of maturation are recognized. Are we facing the lions from the Cretaceous? The open questions now focus on why these animals are together. Did they live in herds? Are they gathered to die?

Still it is not known anything about it and what is certain for now is just material study. We will have to wait a couple of seasons. The answers are the goal of future researches.

Having met a group of large carnivores, the finding in Las Cortaderas is unique in the region and the second of its kind in the world with one made ​​in Canada.

Las Cortaderas is considered by experts as one of the largest deposits in the country. This is partly due to the ease to distinguish the geological strata and, of course, the amount and importance of the dinosaurs found.

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