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The town of Río Mayo, located in the Senguer Department southwest of the province of Chubut, is about 266 km from Comodoro Rivadavia and 388 km from Esquel. You can access it through the National Routes 40 and 26 and Provincial Route 22.

Río Mayo is part of the Chilean-Argentinean Bi-Oceanic Corridor through Lake Blanco and the 50th Milestone, which allows the connection of the port of Balmaceda (Chile) with the port of Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina).

The town is nestled in a great valley, its predominant economic activity in the region is sheep farming, but it also has an important breeding of guanacos and rheas for the production of ultra fine fibers.

Is recognized by the National Shearing Festival which takes place early each year, and that was declared of national interest in 1985. It brings together every year to the family farm dedicated to raising and shearing sheep, as well as domestic and foreign tourists that join this traditional festivity.

In Río Mayo you can do different activities to fully enjoy a picnic day as the scenery surrounding the town. Some of them are horseback riding, hiking, trekking, fieldwork, archaeological trails, fishing (rainbow trouts, bass and silversides), and bird watching, among others.

In recent years, it has been developed an intense practice of mountain biking and biking which continues to grow daily thanks to the large number of stakeholders in addition to mountain biking. For this reason, there are six tracks in the region set to perform such sports, traveling through a landscape of plateau with steep slopes and variable conditions, which are converted each year to host of one date of the regional tournament Mountain Bike of Chubut.

There are two Aboriginal reserves around the town. The first is located 45 km from the city center through the Provincial Route 74 which is called Aboriginal Reserve Loma Redonda, most of its population is from ethnic Mapuche origin, while the second is at 80 km, the Aboriginal Reserve El Chalía which presents a majority of descendants of Tehuelches.

The climate is dry, very windy and of steppe. In winter, temperatures drop to 20 degrees below zero and snow may fall in the village, while in summer maximum can be found up to 30 °C.

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