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Tolhuin, between the plateau and the mountain See map

The forest begins to appear little by little. The road from Río Grande to Usuhaia slowly transforms from plateau to mountain and midway of this change appears Tolhuin.

Located in the Heart of the Island, this small, neat and nice commune offers the possibility to sleep in lodges, cabins or campsites. It can be the starting point for visiting the many farms of the center of Tierra del Fuego, conduct fishing tours, forest walks, or access to the impressive lake Fagnano.


The natural charm of Tolhuin is given by different geographical factors. Its location on the edge of the mountain and the plains of Tierra del Fuego creates a microclimate very different kind to the other cities of the province. This is compounded by the surrounding native forest and the majesty of the vast Lake Fagnano, where several rivers flowing crystalline waters that bring in really fancy trips.

Tolhuin is the third town in the province and is located just over 100 km from Ushuaia. This quaint little site was created by decree in 1972.


In Tolhuin are being developed various works aimed at expanding the existing infrastructure capable of meeting the high demand for services from the establishment of new families, weekend homes and private investors.

Many services are fully operational, such as national and international basic telephony, movil phone, public safety, health clinic, educational service to the middle level, electricity, natural gas, water, bank with ATM services, tourist information, route support of Civil Defense and a small town serving the residents and visitors, among other things.


Soon it will open the bus station to middle and long distance equipped with facilities the tourist demand in these places today.

Finally, there are several services in Tolhuin of cafes, restaurants, Creole barbecue, camping, tea houses, jam factory and houses of regional products and markets and bakeries with fresh produce. Also the travel services of mechanics, tire shop and service stations for fuels and lubricants. To all the above data is added the warmth of the people that will always be glad to welcome you and provide the warmth of the Heart of the Island

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Tourist Information of Tolhuin Those who visit Tolhuin may develop different outdoor activities such as river fishing, boat fishing on the lake, horseback riding, biking, dog sledding, recreation activities, and more which are arranged in various ventures that provide adequate services.
History of Tolhuin Tolhuin was founded on October 9, 1972 by Territorial Law N° 31. At that time Alejandro Agustín Lanusse was the president, Gregorio Lloret was the governor and Néstor Nogar was the mayor of Río Grande.
Circuits from Tolhuin From Tolhuin you can do several excursions in which you can go horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking among other activities.
Lake Fagnano Lake Fagnano is 100 kilometers from Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, and near Tolhuin, a small town on the island. It is one of the largest in the world and its waters are divided between two countries, Argentina and Chile.
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