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The city of Trelew is located in the Department Rawson at 43º 14' south latitude and 65º 19' west longitude. At a height of 11 meters above sea level in the area called "Lower Valley of Chubut River" (VIRCH) with a total area of ​​249 km2 of city and 16 km2 urbanized, the city of Trelew is the second largest of the province after Comodoro Rivadavia.


Ciduad de TrelewView of Avenue Fontana. Photo courtesy of Ente Trelew Turístico.

It's desert, with very low rainfall, high brightness and evaporation, and annual temperature ranges marked. Rainfall rarely exceeds 200 mm per year and its distribution throughout the year does not define any workstation as typically rainy. The maximum temperature ranges from 40 degrees Celsius and minimum 10 degrees below zero.


The town of Trelew has a record of 114,333 inhabitants according to the 2001 national census. In terms of age composition and sex, it showed a greater number of young people in the region with the national average. The sex ratio in the region is by halves.

The spatial dynamics generates the appearance of distinct settlements. One is that of urban migrants who come from various parts of the country, another group is the rural migrants gradually form a large string of new neighborhoods, and foreign residents, mostly from neighboring countries, representing approximately 8% of the population.

It's worthtly noting that Trelew is a city that presents the highest population levels in the Northeast province. It has around a set of cities which formed a conglomerate population representing 46% of the total provincial population.

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