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Trelew starting point to see the giant Southern Right Whale See map

Since June, in Trelew awaits you one of the most spectacular wonders of the world, the Southern Right Whale. In addition, the city offers wildlife, nature, culture, history and adventure to enjoy all year.

The Nuevo Gulf is one of the sites in Patagonia where you can find the southern right whale. Located 170 km from Trelew is the town of Puerto Pirámides, a place where boats are accessible to treasure a piece of the life of these amazing individuals, coming just a few meters from them and see them in their activities.

Ballenas en PirámidesSouthern Right Whales in season can be seen watching closely.

The time in that they approach the coast is in autumn - winter, when conducting vigils to wait until one of the largest marine mammals in the world are done, with almost 16 meters long and 40,000 kilograms.

The southern right whale comes to our shores for a very important part of their life cycle. Thanks to the calm waters of the bays and the shelter provided by cliffs, Peninsula Valdés becomes for them the ideal place where complete their breeding cycle, from mating to give birth to their young.

You can also make the tour of the Valdes Peninsula where an incredible variety of wildlife accompany the vast Patagonian landscape.

MEF en TrelewPaleontological Museum in Trelew.

Within the terrestrial fauna you see the guanacos, rheas (Rhea pony), hares, foxes, a variety of birds and more. As far as marine life is concerned, there are sea lions and the only elephant seals continental reserve of the world, accompanied also by several species of shorebirds and seabirds.

Another alternative is to approach the protected area of ​​"El Doradillo", located about 75 km from Trelew, where from the coast you can experience the spectacle of the whales in a wild, natural and totally peaceful envirorment. 

While in Trelew, you can go from prehistory to the present, from the scientific to the cultural in just a few blocks. The Paleontological Museum shows from the Big Bang until the arrival of man through the Patagonian prehistory. As a complement, a 30 minute drive is the Geopark Bryn Gwyn, a place where fossils are displayed as nature shows us crossing the 45 million years in just 120 feet through a thousand meters of trails that mark the path.

As for culture, the museum Pueblo de Luis and Welsh chapels tell the story of the aborigines, the arrival of the Welsh and how they related to thrive and reach to form what is now the region Peninsula Valdés - Punta Tombo

Capilla de TrelewThe Welsh chapels are an attractive architecture that embellishes the area.

The theaters, the Museum of Visual Arts, the tour of artisans and many other options will make you live spectacular moments in Trelew.

For those who love nature and adventure, the town offers sailing down the Chubut river by raft or boat, ecological tourism through agrotourism, adventure cycling touring trails in line with the difficulty and tastes of the participant, walking through fields to appreciate typical Patagonian fauna, native flora and fossils, and for those who enjoy the birds, the ornithologist lagoons are the right place with over 100 bird species to admire its beauty.

From September you can come to see, feel and experience being part for a few hours of the mainland colony of Magellanic penguins in the world's largest, with over a million copies. In the Punta Tombo reserve, just 110 km from Trelew, you can share with these animals part of their lives watching a few centimeters.

Source and photos: Ente Trelew Turístico

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