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Ushuaia, at the southern tip of the world See map

It is the most southern city in the world. The fate that thousands of people around the world fantasize about visiting sometime. The capital of the island of Tierra del Fuego. And it was born of a prison.

The first inhabitants of this area, of course, were not Spanish. Yamana Indians were the ancient. They were the ones who christened the area between the end of the Andes and the Beagle Channel as "Ushuaia", ie the "bay that penetrates westward."

ushuaiaView of Ushuaia from the sea. Photo courtesy of Lucy Malbef album

Then the Indians were extinguished by the colonizers, and it be long until there was located a permanent settlement. And the prisoners stacked in Buenos Aires had much to do on that project. It is that in 1882, then-president, Julio A. Roca, presented a project of "Prison on south of the republic."

He wanted to solve two problems at once: the prison problem and at the same time ensure Argentina's sovereignty in this remote location. Thus, on 12 October of that year he founded the capital city. At the same time, it were installed a military prison and a jail at the opposite end of Ushuaia, which merged in 1911.

The convicts built Ushuaia. They installed the electricity, and built the pier, the post office building and the beginning of the route. Their print, photography, tailoring, shoemaking, carpentry, medical and pharmacy shops met the needs of a population separated from its main supply center, where the boats arrived, hopefully once a month. 

puerto-ushuaiaThe port city.

Today, the prison does not work anymore, and this is just a reminder to visitors who come to the end of the world.

The city that was born to "ensure the sovereignty" it is the head of tourism and has an airport, hotels and good food. It went from being a quaint village of 6,000 inhabitants in 1970 to have more than 60,000 souls today. This population explosion unparalleled in the country was due to the promotional regime which ruled the national government and gave a special appearance in this city. Therefore, it still have serious housing problems. And the particular social formation is as follows: half the local population is between 15 to 40 years and native Tierra del Fuego do not exceed 10% of the total.

In Ushuaia you can make city tours on foot or in a colorful bus, or take excursions by sailing the Beagle Channel, or watch the end of the world from the air. And from there you can get to Tierra del Fuego National Park, for hiking or just visit. In addition, skiers will find here the more quantity of winter resorts of Patagonia. For the farmers of heritage tourism: the museum and the train of the end of the world.

Alojamiento en Ushuaia

FotoDepartamento Departamento Golondrinas El Departamento Golondrinas se encuentra a 1.3 km de la bahía Encerrada, a 17 km del Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuegover másTel: Ushuaia

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