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Skiing Ushuaia, the city with more winter options See map

Ushuaia is the city that offers as many ski resorts and different options to take full advantage of a snowy winter: ski in and out of the city, dog sled rides, walks in the woods on snowshoes, ice skating on frozen lakes, snowmobile tours, quads and fleximóvil, among others. 

In Ushuaia snow lovers can enjoy breathtaking sceneries and the pleasure of skiing surrounded by glaciers and beech forests. The sports resorts are an ideal family attraction for their many alternatives. You can taste excellent local dishes and the classic hot chocolate.

With such a range, people here still longs for the memorable year 1995, which was a holiday for those who love the snow.

It is that during that '95 season were consolidated some of the proposals that can be found today in the capital of Tierra del Fuego and its surroundings, especially those devoted to skiing also known as "Nordic", which is performed on flat snow-covered ground in the forest or peat plains between mountains, formed mainly in broad valleys.

In that sense, southern Tierra del Fuego has the best natural slopes for skiing. And indeed, the winter activity resorts are located on the banks of the National Route 3 and also on the edges of these glacial valleys.

Ski resorts within the city

* "Wolfgang Wallner" Resort
* "Francisco Jerman" Resort
* Martial Glacier Resort

"Wolfgang Wallner" Resort

Location: It is located just 3 km from Ushuaia, in the Andean area.
Features and Services: In the Wolfgang Wallner you can go downhill skiing, with a skiable area of ​​860 meters. It has a runway suitable for advanced and with a ski lift up to 300 people.
For beginners there are ski instructors which offer group and individual lessons.

"Francisco Jerman" Resort

Location: It is located 21 km from the town road to the Martial Glacier. From the resort Francisco Jerman you can appreciate the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia Bay, islets Bridges, etc.
Features and services: In this center you can go cross-country skiing, with natural obstacles as the course is in the woods. On the way you can see glaciers and lakes.
As in the other resorts you can take lessons and rent equipment.
In relation to the slopes there are five circuits for all levels. 
Besides skiing you can walk sled dogs or snowmobiles. The café has tourist menu.

Martial Glacier Resort

Location: 7 km from Ushuaia. Part of the Glacier belongs to Tierra del Fuego National Park.
Features and services: In the resort you can go downhill skiing until late in the summer season. You can also conducted in sleighs and snowboard tours.
There are schools of ski instruction.
With more than 1100 meters of ski slopes, the center has 1400-meters lifts and a double chair lift that can carry 224 skiers per hour. It travels 1,180 meters in 8 minutes, duration that can be extended to 10 minutes in winter.
The rise in this environment allow reaching the foot of the Martial Glacier, where you can appreciate its spectacular beauty since the Martial Glacier Resort you can see the Andes Tierra del Fuego and the Valley of Andorra.

Ski resorts outside Ushuaia

* Altos del Valle
* Solar del Bosque
* Tierra Mayor
* Las Cotorras
* Haruwen
Cerro Castor
* Valle de los huskies
* Nunatak

Altos del Valle

Location: Altos del Valle is at 17 kilometers from Ushuaia, on National Route 3.
Features and facilities: Within the resorts in Tierra del Fuego, Altos del Valle is distinguished by being the center where the snow lasts longer. This is due to its location, because it is protected from the winds blowing in the Valley.
In the place you can go cross-country or nordic skiing or take a trip on sleds pulled by dogs.
The center offers accommodation in cabins, private parking, coffee shop, regular transport and ski school. There is also the first school of children sled drivers and dogs Siberian kennels.
You can also do summer activities and know ñires and beech forests, the Alvear mountain range or glacier lakes that are on the mountain.

Solar del Bosque

Location: 18 kilometers from the city, along National Route 3 at KM 3020.
Features and services: In the circuits of resort you can go downhill skiing. In addition to snowmobile rides, hiking on skis and snowshoes, for which equipment can be rented.
There is a shelter to take a break for up to 18 people. It has a winter colony for children. There is a dining room for 25 people and teams who go camping in the middle found a camping with all amenities.

Valle de Tierra Mayor

Location: 21 kilometers from the city, along National Route 3. 
Features and services: Among its activities are downhill skiing, dog sledding and ATV rides. It has restaurant services, coffee shop, nursery, regular transport, rental and sale of ski equipment, ski school, floodlit skate, windskí and snowcat rides.
Cruises are conducted several days using the Bonnet and Nunatak shelters for the night.

Las Cotorras

Location: 26 kilometers from the city, along National Route 3.
Features and services: Among the activities to be performed, the center offers sleigh rides, tours of beavers skiing, a skating rink, horse flexmóvil, rubber boats rental, sleigh rides for children and ATVs.
In Las Cotorras resort there is snowboarding and skiing school. It has a Kassbohrer, which is a specialized machine in the preparation of cross-country skiing tracks. The resort offers a restaurant, coffee shop, regular transportation, ski equipment rental.
One of the attractions that make a difference is the "mountain coffee ceremony" that all who pass by the place are involved.


Location: 36 kilometers from the city, along National Route 3. At 18 km from Lake Escondido.
Features and services: One of the pioneer centers in racing sled dogs. Every year in August takes place there, the Ushuaia Sled Dog Race.
You can practice downhill skiing or riding in snowshoes. It has a skating rink. There is a very recreational activity that is watching beavers.
This resort has a tearoom, restaurant and typical menu fueguino.
It provides services of ski school, equipment rental skiing, regular transport, coffee shop, restaurant, sauna and stay in shelters. In addition there are camping accommodations with all amenities.

Cerro Castor

Location: It is 26 km from Ushuaia on Route 3 at Km 26.
It is the largest Downhill Skiing Center in Tierra del Fuego, it has slopes for all levels of demand and modern lifts.

Valle de los Huskies

Location: Located 19 kilometers from Ushuaia, on National Route 3.
Features and services: In the Valley of the Huskies it is made name offering the rental service and rides on sleds pulled by dogs. In addition to rent and sale equipment for skiing, there are snowmobile rides or floodlit by flexmóvil.
To make cross-country skiing is a 1,000 meter slope. 
For a break there are restaurant, tearoom, coffee shop.


Location: At the foot of Alvear Mount on Route 3 at Km 3018. 
Features and services: Ypu can go on snowshoe walks, cross-country skiing and sledding with dogs. In Nunatak Resort it can be done from trekking to skiing. It is offered climbing, 4x4, horseback riding, canoeing and mountain bikes.

Alojamiento en Ushuaia

FotoDepartamento Gavimar Se encuentra a solo 2,4 km de la Bahía Encerrada. Ofrece alojamiento con vistas a la montaña, Wi fi gratuitaver másTel: Ushuaia

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